100 in 365

January 6, 2010

The 100 in 365 project is off and running. I decided not to use WordPress so you can find the site by clicking HERE.


Test post

December 26, 2009

100 photos in 365 Days

December 26, 2009


Recently Brooks Jensen through down the gauntlet.  He reminisced about how in the past he has done a project of random photographs three a week for 100 days.  Read more about it HERE and take a look at the outcome of his recent try, now in the digital world.

I’m at a very busy time in my life.  If you strive to create fine art photographs time is a huge enemy.  Not all of us do this kind of work professionally.  I am a writer and producer in the feature film world and raising a family of 8.  To find time to write and take three photos a week but I am going to do it.

I will use new work and reconstructed photographs from my years of work that have never been grouped into a thematic collection.  I will begin next week.